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Your position and your membership to the European Physical Society or one of its member societies will be used to calculate your fees. In case of reduced fees, you will be requested to show a proof of your position and/or membership at the registration desk of the conference.

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To be entitled to the reduced EPS fees, you must be a member of the EPS or one of its member societies. If you are such a member, please indicate the society below (if you are a member of both the EPS and a national society, please select the EPS). Societies are ordered by the alphabetical order of the english country name.

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To ensure a good homogeneity and relevance of the information written on your badge, we ask you the following information. There will be 3 lines on your badge. The first one will be your name, and the two other ones will be your affiliation. Please give enough short headings so that they correspond to only 1 line.

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Book of abstract

The registration includes a paper version of the book of abstracts. However, if you want to save a tree (100 books of abstracts = 1 tree), or simply because you think that a paper version is heavy and unuseful, you can decide to use only the electronic version, provided online and on an USB key. Choose below.

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Welcome reception and lunches

The registration includes the welcome reception and the lunches from Monday 1s to Friday 4th July. However, for management purpose, we ask you to specify which meals you will actually take, depending on your dates and times of arrival and departure.

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Conference dinner

Registration fees do not include the conference dinner. However, it is offered to students. For others, the conference dinner costs 50€.

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Student rooms

Sorry, the deadline has passed for student room reservation.


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