Poster session PO1 - Tuesday, July 1, 16:00 - IUT A

P001A. KozlovPolarizabilities of Actinides and Lanthanides
P003I. TemelkovFinding pathways for creation of cold molecules by laser spectroscopy
P005D. SolovyevInfluence of external fields on the hydrogen atom in some problems of astrophysics
P007P. WcisłoStrong competition between velocity-changing and phase/state changing collisions in H2 spectra perturbed by Ar
P009K.N. LyaschenkoDifferential cross section of dielectronic recombination with H-like uranium
P011V.L. SukhorukovManifestation of the 4d-εf giant resonance in the N4,5OO Auger effect in Xe
P013H. AguenyResonant electron-capture in ion-atom collisions: Fraunhofer diffraction pattern
P015J.C. BerengutLimits on the dependence of the fine-structure constant on gravitational potential from white-dwarf spectra
P017M. B "{u}chnerProduction and detection of phase modulationof matter waves
P019O. KovtunStrong correlation between the electron spin orientation and bremsstrahlung linear polarization observed in the relativistic regime
P021L. WindholzNew energy levels of the La Atom found by a combination of several spectroscopic techniques
P023A. ErInvestigation of Fourier Transform Spectum of Niobium in Argon Discharge in the near-infrared
P025I.K. "{O}zt "{u}rkTheoretical oscillator strengths for the Sc I
P027M. GordeevLocalization of Atomic Populations due to Field of Running Waves
P029J. SinghElectron–impact study of O2 molecule: R-matrix method
P031Et. Es-sebbarLine intensities and pressure broadening coefficients in the ν1 band of N2O molecule using IR spectroscopy : N2, O2 and Ar bath gas effect
P033G.F. GribakinPositron binding to polar molecules
P035V.V. MeshkovAn efficient calculation of the scattering wavefunction and phase shift
P037J. ŠmydkeBasis Set Optimization Method for Rydberg States – GTO Basis Sets for He and Be
P039A. MohantyAtomic Parity Violation in a single trapped $ mathrm{Ra^{+}}$ ion.
P041P. QuinetRadiative data of lowly-ionized iron-peak elements for transitions of astrophysical interest
P043J. KaushalCorrelation Channels in Sequential Double Ionisation
P045L. FilippinAccurate relativistic properties of hydrogenic atoms with the Lagrange-mesh method
P047M. AuzinshExperimental measurements and an improved theoretical description of magneto-optical signals of thecesium D1 transition in an extremely thin cell
P049F. KöhlerThe g-factors of lithiumlike 40,48Ca17+ and their isotopic effect
P051S.Y. Yousif Al-MullaModification of The Atomic Scattering Factor in Electric Field
P053M. TajimaTowards the hyperfine spectroscopy of ground-state antihydrogen atoms
P055M. Piwi '{n}skiCoincidence studies of electron impact excitation of Zn atoms
P057L. EngströmThe FERRUM project: Experimental Transition Probabilities from Highly Excited Even 5s Levels in Cr II
P059P.L.T SowA Widely Tunable 10    mu m$ QCL Locked to a Metrological Mid-IR Reference for Precision Molecular Spectroscopy
P061R. DrozdowskiExcitation of singlet and triplet He states by neutral He - He collisions at intermediate energy range
P063O.M. HoleMeasurements of anion lifetimes in the Double Electrostatic Ion Ring Experiment DESIREE: Preliminary results
P065M. MaklesCavity optomechanics with photonic crystal nanomembrane
P067L. KhaykovichThree-body recombination at the scattering length's zero-crossings
P069E.A. KovalAnisotropic quantum scattering in plane
P071A.A. KorobitsinTheoretical study of the rare gases dimers
P073T. VanderbruggenA continuous source of spin-polarized cold atoms
P075R. Le TargatCavity-enhanced non-destructive detection of atomicpopulations in Optical Lattice Clocks
P077S.A. SchäfferObserving collective effects of Strontium in an optical cavity
P079M. WitkowskiA Double Magneto-Optical Trap for Hg and Rb
P081C.H. CarsonMaximum Contrast Condensate Interference
P083R. RomainObservation of spatio-temporal instabilities in a Magneto-Optical Trap
P085Y.N. Martinez de EscobarModulation Transfer and Double-Resonance Optical Pumping with optical transitions in 87Rb
P087O. VainioSpontaneous coherence of magnons in spin-polarized atomic hydrogen gas
P089S. CoopLight-Shift Tomography of an Optical Dipole Trap
P091I. ManaiStudying Anderson transitions with atomic matter waves
P093L. GuidoniHeating-rate measurements in micro-fabricated surface traps containing Sr+ ions
P095L. SchmögerTowards precision laser spectroscopy with cold highly charged ions
P097L. HilicoCold hydrogen molecular ion spectroscopy for proton to electron mass ratio measurement
P099A. GrocholaInvestigation of the excited electronic KCs states studied by polarization labeling spectroscopy
P101O. RyazanovaSpectroscopic studies on binding of novel pheophorbide - phenazine conjugateto synthetic polynucleotides
P103P.R. Kapr '{a}lov '{a}-Ž '{a}nsk '{a}Towards ab initio dynamical simulations of atoms, molecules, and clusters in femtosecond XUV pulses
P105H. KnöckelHigh resolution spectroscopy on alkali-alkaline earth molecules
P107D.A. HollandDirect laser cooling of the BH molecule
P109R. GlöcknerRotational state manipulation of trapped polyatomic molecules
P111J. LovricMolecular dynamics simulations of palmitic acid adsorbed on NaCl surface.
P113M. OlejniczakTheoretical modeling of thermodynamical properties of actinide complexes
P115C.H. ChangLow Temperature Plasma Jet for Application in Dental Bleaching
P117E. TräbertLaboratory astrophysics: EBIT spectra around the EUV bands of the SDO/AIA instrument
P119F.L. ConstantinFrequency conversion with a photomixer for high-resolution broadband spectroscopy
P121M. TrassinelliCollisions dynamics of electrons, photons, and highly-charged ions with clusters to probe the aggregation in a pulsed supersonic jet
P123N.B. TyndallPhotoionization cross sections of Ar+ ions
P125G.F. GribakinSimilarity between Ps-atom and electron-atom scattering
P127P.M. MishraValence shell photoelectron spectroscopy for PAHs and its significance
P129P. AsenbaumCavity cooling of silicon nanoparticles