Parallel sessions PA4 - Thursday, July 3 - IUT A

Session PA4A - 1A14 lecture hall

Chair: V. Vallet

14:30Rosario González FérezNon-adiabatic effects in laser orientation and alignment of molecules
15:00S. KokkelmansThree-body recombination for vanishing scattering lengths
15:15J. PostlerDetection of Negative Charge Carriers in Superfluid Helium Droplets:The Metastable Anions He$^{-*}$ and He$_{2}^{-*}$
15:30P. WcisłoThree different approaches to cavity-enhanced spectroscopy
15:45S.C. MathavanDeceleration, cooling and trapping of SrF molecules for precision spectroscopy

Session PA4B - 1A04 lecture hall

Chair: J. Crespo

14:30M. DrewsenRotational Cooling of Coulomb-Crystallized Molecular Ions by a Helium Buffer Gas
15:00J. Pedregosa-GutierrezIon clouds in radio-frequency linear traps: transport and phase transitions
15:15S.H.W. WoutersHigh-resolution Focussed Ion Beam by laser cooling and compression of a thermal atomic beam
15:30E. JordanTowards Laser Cooling of Negative Ions
15:45O.Yu. AndreevTransfer ionization in collisions of bare nuclei with light atoms