Parallel sessions PA3 - Thursday, July 3 - IUT A

Session PA3A - 1A14 lecture hall

Chair: M. Auzinsh

11:00M.A. SillanpääOptomechanics at microwave frequencies: mechanical resonators coupled to microwave cavities and superconducting qubits
11:30C. BlondelA new method to measure photoabsorption cross-sections questions the value of the photodetachment cross-section of H-
11:45C. ShahMeasurement of the X-ray emission anisotropies in the resonant photorecombination into highly charged ions
12:00M. GénévriezExperimental and theoretical study of 3-photon ionizationHe(1s2s ,3S) and He(1s2p ,3P)
12:15T.E. WallNon-resonant two-photon excitation to high Rydberg states
12:30M. TrassinelliContribution of multiple capture processes in slow collisions of highly charged ions with a many-electron target

Session PA3B - 1A04 lecture hall

Chair: R. Wester

11:00D.B. CassidySome recent developments in experimental positronium physics
11:30F. SorrentinoMeasurement of the gravitational constant G by atom interferometry
11:45C. BordasWavefunction Microscopy: Simple Atoms under Magnification
12:00P. GeyerQuantum interferometry in the time-domain with massive particles
12:15K. DulitzTransverse Focusing Effects in the Zeeman Deceleration of Hydrogen Atoms
12:30R. GeigerHybrid Atom-Optical Interferometry for Gravitational Wave Detection and Geophysics