Parallel sessions PA1 - Tuesday, July 1 - IUT A

Session PA1A - 1A14 lecture hall

Chair: X. Urbain

11:00G. SansoneUltrafast electronic dynamics initiated by attosecond and intense XUV pulses
11:30G. KarrasControlling the orientation of the molecular angular momentum by shaping the polarization of a fs laser pulse
11:45S. GaltierHigh resolution spectroscopy of 1S-3S transition in hydrogen
12:00D. GuénotProbing double ionisation at the attosecond timescale
12:15A. KnieDetecting ultrafast interatomic electronic processes in media by fluorescence
12:30A. LaliotisSub-Doppler linear spectroscopy in a vapour confined in an opal

Session PA1B - 1A04 lecture hall

Chair: G. Gribakin

11:00M WeidemüllerUltracold Rydberg Gases – Dipole Blockade, Interacting Polaritons and Energy Transport
11:30S. KnoopUltracold mixtures of metastable triplet He and Rb: scattering lengths from textit{ab initio} calculations and thermalization measurements
11:45M. JacqueyLong-distance channeling of cold atoms exiting a 2D magneto-optical trap by a Laguerre-Gaussian laser beam
12:00F.S. CataliottiControl of Quantum Dynamics on an Atom-Chip
12:15S. RavetsRydberg blockade in arrays of optical tweezers
12:30N. BehboodGeneration of a macroscopic spin singlet