Contributed talks

G. KarrasControlling the orientation of the molecular angular momentum by shaping the polarization of a fs laser pulse
S. GaltierHigh resolution spectroscopy of 1S-3S transition in hydrogen
D. GuénotProbing double ionisation at the attosecond timescale
A. KnieDetecting ultrafast interatomic electronic processes in media by fluorescence
A. LaliotisSub-Doppler linear spectroscopy in a vapour confined in an opal
S. KnoopUltracold mixtures of metastable triplet He and Rb: scattering lengths from textit{ab initio} calculations and thermalization measurements
M. JacqueyLong-distance channeling of cold atoms exiting a 2D magneto-optical trap by a Laguerre-Gaussian laser beam
F.S. CataliottiControl of Quantum Dynamics on an Atom-Chip
S. RavetsRydberg blockade in arrays of optical tweezers
N. BehboodGeneration of a macroscopic spin singlet
P. GomesOptomechanical self-structuring in cold atoms
K. SachaCondensate Phase Microscopy
W. von KlitzingUltra-high flux atom-lasers
O. GorceixQuantum magnetism with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
D. WilkowskiCoherent superflash effect in cold atoms: Revealing forward scattering field in optically dense medium
F. KöhlerA 13-fold improved value for the electron mass
H. UlbrichtExperimental Tests of Macroscopic Quantum Superposition
Y.R.P. SortaisCollective suppression of light scattering in a cold atomic ensemble
C. BlondelA new method to measure photoabsorption cross-sections questions the value of the photodetachment cross-section of H-
C. ShahMeasurement of the X-ray emission anisotropies in the resonant photorecombination into highly charged ions
M. GénévriezExperimental and theoretical study of 3-photon ionizationHe(1s2s ,3S) and He(1s2p ,3P)
T.E. WallNon-resonant two-photon excitation to high Rydberg states
M. TrassinelliContribution of multiple capture processes in slow collisions of highly charged ions with a many-electron target
F. SorrentinoMeasurement of the gravitational constant G by atom interferometry
C. BordasWavefunction Microscopy: Simple Atoms under Magnification
P. GeyerQuantum interferometry in the time-domain with massive particles
K. DulitzTransverse Focusing Effects in the Zeeman Deceleration of Hydrogen Atoms
R. GeigerHybrid Atom-Optical Interferometry for Gravitational Wave Detection and Geophysics
S. KokkelmansThree-body recombination for vanishing scattering lengths
J. PostlerDetection of Negative Charge Carriers in Superfluid Helium Droplets:The Metastable Anions He$^{-*}$ and He$_{2}^{-*}$
P. WcisłoThree different approaches to cavity-enhanced spectroscopy
S.C. MathavanDeceleration, cooling and trapping of SrF molecules for precision spectroscopy
J. Pedregosa-GutierrezIon clouds in radio-frequency linear traps: transport and phase transitions
S.H.W. WoutersHigh-resolution Focussed Ion Beam by laser cooling and compression of a thermal atomic beam
E. JordanTowards Laser Cooling of Negative Ions
O.Yu. AndreevTransfer ionization in collisions of bare nuclei with light atoms